The best way to clarify this horrifying phenomenon filmed in South America?

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An incredible and terrifying phenomenon has been captured in the previous couple of days off the coast of Florida, USA. Crusing by means of calm waters and sunny skies, Matthew all of a sudden finds himself in the course of a deluge. waveswaves And WhirlwindsWhirlwindsRocking his boat:

Is that this an occasion? Climate reportClimate reportLike a water degree, an earthquake SubmarineSubmarine, are dolphins looking or perhaps a sea monster? Simply earlier than this occasion, Matthew explains that he noticed twenty darkish shapes within the water. Native Florida netizens shortly cleared up the thriller: it was a bunch of frightened manatees. Once they attempt to run away in concern, these MammalsMammals 450 kg sailors swim at full velocity VelocityVelocity Often wagging their tails in shallow water, therefore the impression of being actual EarthquakeEarthquake !

The canine remembers swimming after being spooked by a bunch of manatees after coming too shut off Orange Seaside, Alabama. ©CBSNews

Different, older movies present an identical phenomenon. The ManateesManatees They’re by no means aggressive in direction of people, however could cause sudden harm to anybody who comes near them in the event that they run away.

Higher to not scare the manatees! © Gillin’il